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Although it was originally used for sharing personal thoughts and opinions, blogging is now used for other purposes, such as generating sales and attracting newsletter signups. Even nonprofits can benefit from blogging. In fact, nonprofits that blog on a regular basis typically experiences greater success for the following reasons.

Attract and Retain Donors

Blogging allows nonprofits to attract new donors and retain their existing donors. Nonprofits can publish posts that explain their mission statement and, subsequently, encourage readers to donate. With more than 1.5 nonprofits in the United States, prospects are often selective regarding the nonprofit to which they donate. A blog can differentiate a nonprofit from its competitors and boost its donations.


A blog is the performing platform for nonprofits to share their story. Storytelling is a critical element of nonprofit marketing. If a nonprofit’s target audience isn’t familiar with its story, they probably won’t volunteer, donate or otherwise engage with the nonprofit. To overcome this challenge, nonprofits should publish blog posts that explain their story and how they were founded.

Project Authority

Nonprofits can project themselves as an authority by publishing informative, detailed and relevant blog posts. When prospects encounter these high-quality posts, they’ll view the nonprofit as being a leading figure. To reap this benefit, though, nonprofits must focus on quality rather than quantity when blogging. Publishing three well-researched and written blog posts is far more beneficial for a nonprofit than publishing 30 low-quality posts.

Announce News and Events

Blogging also allows nonprofits to announce news and events. It’s not uncommon for nonprofits to host local fundraising events like 5K races and concerts. But the success of these events is heavily influenced by their attendance rate. If only a few people attend, it won’t help the nonprofit achieve its goals. Using a blog, however, nonprofits can announce upcoming events and other related news to their audience.

Increased Visibility

Blogging offers an unparalleled level of visibility compared to traditional marketing strategies. Statistics show that more than 78 percent of Americans have an internet connection. Regardless of the nonprofit’s target audience, they are probably online. And with a blog, the nonprofit can reach its target audience.

While no two nonprofits have the same goals and objectives, all nonprofits can benefit from blogging. This versatile marketing strategy allows nonprofits to attract more donations, tell their story, project their brand as an authority and more.