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Running a nonprofit requires the ability to think clearly and with proper direction as a leader. Understanding the importance of leadership in nonprofits is one of the first steps to launching and managing a nonprofit of your own.


Having the ability to successfully fundraise is another important skill to acquire as a leader of a nonprofit. Planning, hosting, and managing events that help with raising money for your nonprofit and specific causes often plays a key role in determining how successful a nonprofit is over time.

Networking is also involved with fundraising and requires you to mingle with potential sponsors, donors, and other individuals who are interested in making a contribution to your nonprofit. Attending events, galas, and other nonprofit fundraisers are all part of the “job” as a leader who is running and operating a nonprofit.

Financial Management

Managing the finances of a non-profit is one of the most important tasks to take on when filling a leadership role. Managing funds that are raised, delegating salaries, and even managing new investments are all necessary tasks that must be completed and overseen by leaders and directors of nonprofits. Learning more about accounting, budgeting, and managing nonprofit donations is highly advisable whether you are interested in launching your very own nonprofit or if you are vying for an open leadership position of an existing organization.

Software and Program Knowledge

Software and program knowledge is also necessary when leading a nonprofit, especially anytime you utilize software and other applications on a daily basis while conducting business or creating new partnerships. Learning the ins and outs of your nonprofit organization is required anytime you take on a leadership role or position.

Human Resources

Building a solid human resources team is also essential when running a nonprofit. When leading a team of employees or partners, it is imperative to implement diversity while also include codes of conduct throughout the workplace (or anytime employees are working offsite together).

Understanding the most important aspects of running a successful nonprofit organization is a way to choose the right path for yourself when moving forward professionally in a leadership position. The more familiar you are with the various sectors of leadership in nonprofits, the easier it becomes to apply them to your own nonprofit as you grow and scale.