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Due to the recent technological advancements, social entrepreneurship has evolved. Technology has given entrepreneurs more access to information. Social entrepreneurs are primarily more focused on social change than increasing their profit margins. Here are several apps currently on the market that people are using to bring awareness to different issues.


Fotition allows people to contribute to charity through photos. People can use Fotition to set up a campaign. When someone uploads a photo, a fixed amount will be donated to charity depending on which filter was used. Non profit organizations can use Fotition to create awareness while giving their partners access to a new group of people.


Budge is a micro-donation app that uses regular activities and games to help create change. You can challenge your friend to a friendly game and the person who loses is responsible for making a donation to a charitable organization.

Micro Hero

Micro Hero allows people to contribute to a good cause while taking a survey. With Micro Hero, you can find an issue that you are personally interested in and earn money for it while taking surveys.


Givvr lets people donate funds that they earned from watching videos to a charity of their choosing. You have the option to choose which charity you would like to support.

Atlas Run

Atlas Run allows companies to set up a challenge that is related to the nonprofit organization that they are supporting. The company then sets up a specific amount of time that people can donate. Once the challenge is completed, the organization receives the donation. Atlas Run helps people get in shape while also contributing to a good cause.


GiftaMeal helps make things a little easier for those who are less fortunate. GiftaMeal partners with different restaurants through a buy one gift one approach. When someone heads to a GiftaMeal partner restaurant, once they use the app to take a picture of a food item that they like, a meal is donated to a person within the area. GiftaMeal has partnered with different food banks throughout the country, including Operation Food Search and Forgotten Harvest.


Forward allows people to donate their new items. Simply take a picture of the item that you want to give away, as well as the nonprofit organization that you want to support. When someone places a bid, the money will be donated to the organization.