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Many charities understand the importance of utilizing social media, but most do not have their own blog. Social media allows the charity to connect with a large group of people and share events and updates, but a blog can also do that, along with so much more. Starting a blog may seem like a lot of work, but with a couple of hours each month and a dedicated team, charities can easily create and update a blog that’ll take them to the next level and really make them stand out in their field.


Adds a personal touch

Most charities are about helping out a specific cause that usually involves living creatures, whether humans or animals. Even if your charity doesn’t focus on people or animals, you still have people who volunteer and work for the charity. Have them add a human touch by writing blog posts. Volunteers can write about their own experiences and include pictures of what they do. People your charity helps can also contribute, providing first-hand stories, and you can include pictures of your events.


Show off your progress

A blog creates a tangible way to showcase all your charity has accomplished. When you host an event or fundraiser, you’ll be able to share how many people came, how much money was raised, and pictures from the function. You can also write and share posts with concrete numbers and evidence of how your charity is working toward your cause.


Enhances social media

When you have original content, it’ll make your social media even better. You’ll be able to share photos and blog posts on your other social media platforms, linking back to the articles on your charity’s blog. Your social media accounts will gain more views and followers and you’ll reach a wider group of people to find more support for your cause.


Displays your expertise

Starting a blog for your charity allows the people who work there and are involved with it to showcase their expertise in the area the charity focuses on. By producing a lot of knowledgeable, well-written content, people who are interested in learning about your charity will feel comfortable that you know what you’re doing and have a sincere understanding of the cause.


Encourages donations

Once you have a personal touch that highlights the progress your charity has made, people will be more encouraged to donate to the cause. They’ll see evidence of your success and expertise and feel that your charity is one they can trust to make a difference in an issue they care about.


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