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For most of us, social media is a major part of our daily lives. Aside from keeping in touch with friends and family, social media allows us to engage with people from around the world and see interesting points of views. It’s no wonder that social media is becoming more and more important for most industries, but how about for charities and non profits? Social media makes an excellent tool for organizations hoping to better their communities and the world at large.

Getting the Word Out

Social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter are used by many people and have the potential to reach more people than ever before. It’s incredibly easy for users to share information on their news feed, so posts have the power to reach people that aren’t even associated with the charity. When an organization is active on their social media accounts, they have the chance to drive engagement with their current supporters and open the lines of communication through direct messaging for those who may need the help of the organization, would like to volunteer, or are considering donating to the cause. Any upcoming events hosted by the organization can be easily posted on their page to reach more people and drive up interest.

Reaching a Broader Audience

Without having a strong social media presence, it’s highly unlikely that people in New York would hear about a charity in San Francisco. Social media makes the organization’s websites more accessible on the internet and more people are likely to run into information on it.

Establishes Emotional Connection

Engaging with people on social media allows the organization to potentially reach people on an emotional level. Perhaps someone visiting an organization’s social media page is dealing with a situation that the organization works hard to improve, so it offers people to get involved or receive more information for help. Posting effective photos helps reach people on an emotional level and they also give motivation to those who may want to volunteer their time. Social media gives those who are or were associated with the charity to post about their experiences and talk freely about their views on the subject.

Improves Online Presence

Using social media for an organization will help improve their overall visibility on the internet. When someone goes to search for that particular organization or a point of interest that the nonprofit is focused on, you want your website to show up. If the social media is continually being updated it should show up in a Google Search result. Using social media regularly for your nonprofit, increases an organization’s chances of having their website viewed by people surfing the internet.

Increases Trustworthiness

When social media accounts are regularly updated by an organization, they are seen as trustworthy by people that visit them. Being seen as trustworthy increases the odds of receiving donations and active volunteers.

Nonprofit organizations that choose to use social media effectively, creates an online presence that can help the charity reach their goals and reach more people to help and get involved.