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Nick Yates photoNick Yates is a professional in the vending / franchising industry who is always looking for ways to help improve the quality of life in his community. He enjoys participating in social and economic programs which benefit citizens from all walks of life.

Outside of the numerous strides he’s made as the pioneer of the world’s first healthy vending company, Nick Yates is active in local organizations. Nick Yates and his company, Generation NEXT Franchise Brands, recently began collaborating with McAlister Institute and have been fortunate enough to make numerous contributions within the organization.

McAlister Institute is one of the largest alcoholic and drug treatment providers in San Diego. The institute is based on impacting people through intervention, counseling, mental health treatment, medical assistance, and community referrals. With 24 centers total spread through Napa County, McAlister helps people find hope and finally believe that they can change themselves and their lives for the better.

One of Nick Yates’ most recent projects involved donating resources and rounding up volunteers to revitalize Kiva Learning Center for Women and Children. Kiva, located in Lemon Grove, is part of McAlister Institute and functions as a long-term residential treatment program for women, with and without children, who are seeking help for addiction.

During their collaboration with Kiva, Nick and the team painted the whole institute, consisting of 100+ rooms: childcare rooms, main living halls (where the women and children stay), meeting room, common areas, restrooms, and staff corridors. The repainting project allowed them to give the institute some much-needed updates and put into place a fresh and welcoming atmosphere for residents. Additionally, they planted an organic and fully sustainable vegetable garden for the residents to maintain. They also implemented a weekly yoga program where around 70 to 80 women practice each week.

Now that the Kiva project is in place, Nick Yates is working on discovering new opportunities and utilizing the resources and talent of his professional team to make a difference for others.

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More About Nick Yates:

More About Nick Yates: Nick has more than twenty years of experience in the vending and franchising industry. A graduate of the University of Technology in Sydney, Nick Yates created the world’s first healthy vending company in Australia in 2002. The concept was introduced to the United States in 2006.

Since then, Nick has evolved to chair his publicly traded company Generation NEXT Franchise Brands, which showcases Reis and Irvy’s® Frozen Yogurt Kiosks, and the forthcoming corporate-owned 19 Degrees™ Premium Frozen Yogurt.